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  • House the visitiation of Star Axis
  • Collect energy data and improve systems
  • Provide a positive green living experience for visitors
  • License the design or build to suit





MOA's Element House prototype serves many objectives for our organization.  Primarily, the prototype will function as a guest house for visitors to Star Axis.  Since the artwork must be experienced by starlight, a guest house is required.  Currently, the house is only open to project donors while Star Axis is being completed. Accommodations can be arranged by contacting MOA.

Along with providing a place to stay during a visit, we want the users to have an off the grid living experience that is positive.   We hope that one might leave inspired to reduce their own consumption knowing that it can be done without giving up modern conveniences.

MOA and MOS will also be using the prototype to collect and analyze performance data.  We will be monitoring energy and water usage, as well as temperature and airflow among other things.  This data will be used to tweak settings to the passive heating and cooling system of the prototype, as well as help us perfect efficiency in a production unit.

Ultimately we would love to license the design to home builders & individuals, or even build to suit the needs of particular clients.  Our team has learned a great deal about SIPS and other building technologies in the fabrication of the Element House prototype, and we intend to learn more as we expose EH to the rigors of daily use by visitors from all over the world.